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CaronaVirus Checkpoints at Cricket ground T20 WorldCup 2020

English cricket has closed down till at least 28 May, however, the ECB is considering playing internationals without the lovers.

“We are mapping out exactly what global matches would seem like behind closed doors,” ECB manager of events Steve Elworthy told the Guardian.

He clarified that this would need a sterile”bubble” to guarantee the identification of anyone in the area who had been taking the virus.

The government’s first advice around mass parties ahead of the present lockdown has been 500 people or more and Elworthy is utilizing that as a foundation for talks.

“That was directed by the possible effect on critical services such as paramedics and physicians,” he clarified.

“You’d probably need to work inside that amount [which could be composed of essential matchday personnel ]… then you need to consider medical terms, developing a safe and sterile environment round that site, so that everybody who comes is apparent.

“So it is the way you test them in the gate, the isolation components you need to put in. These are the factors we’re considering.

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