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RSVP full form
RSVP full form

RSVP full form in English is  “Repondez s’il vous plait” which means “please respond”. It is frequently used as an RSVP card for an event such as functions, marriage ceremonies, or any birthday party.

It is normally written at the end of the invitation card for confirmation of the invitation.

What is the purpose of RSVP and what does it mean?

RSVP is a French phrase that is used to get a response from the invited person for an event. It is one of the useful phrases which will give the idea of how many people will attend the party?

The host of any event organized the party in a way that he wrote invitation cards, letters, or emails to invite people like best friends, families, and others. RSVP confirm the invitation of a person in a very polite way and also a good love gesture. It helps in a different way to better plan and event for the better management of guests, their foods, and drinks.

How do you reply to an invitation?

RSVP invitation card is mostly replied with beautiful words such as:

  • I appreciate the invitation
  • Thank you for inviting me

If anyone invites you with RSVP phrase in invitation card then you have to think your host as soon as possible once you join the event.

What is the difference between RSVP and Regrets Only?

Both Words are used to give a response to the host. The purpose of RSVP is to invite a guest and also host of the event will confirm whether they are going to attend the event or not. While Regrets-Only used to confirm that the host regretfully cannot attend the party and the host should be informed on time.

How do you accept an invitation?

Invitation with RSVP can be of different types such as invitation cards and electronic RSVP requests.

RSVP Invitation card can be provided wrapped into an envelope or it can be sent to any guest using the telephone number, email address, or using any social media platform. These cards are also with the method to reply to the host with some instructions. Another type of RSVP request is by sending an email or to the person which consists of usually two buttons are replies with accepting or decline options.

How do I use RSVP?

One of the most important questions between people is that how to use RSVP in an event invitation card? It is not easy to use RSVP in any paragraph because it did not need any other words to add before or after RSVP. Eventually, this friendship term is not used as a sentence but it is mostly used at the end of the invitation.

For example, a person is going to start a new institute for learning programming skills here is the letter that he will send to two other partners.

We kindly request your presence at the grand opening of our programming learning skills institutes. This Institute will give benefits to our beginners to learn programming languages.

15 October 2020 ~ 7:00 pm. Evening Attire

RSVP by 25 Nov.

One of the most important things to use RSVP in any sentence our an invitation card you must need to know that you are not allowed to add anything for example “please” “soon” or any other words before or after RSVP word.

What is the meaning of RSVP?

There is another word that can use in a paragraph is “Please RSVP”. This commonly used in case of RAS syndrome or a pleonasm as we used the words “ATM machine”, “Pin Number”. It is commonly a group email or used as a highly formal correspondence in the English language. One of the first purposes of this word is to simply understand the abbreviation for the reply.

What is the best wedding RSVP website?

Planning for a wedding, inauguration event or any other party need an invitation to people. There are lots of things that have to be planned before an event and one of the most important things is to invite special people with invitation cards. Traditionally most people use envelope and postage stamp which is used by the people to send their attendance confirmation other they are going to attend or not.

One of the main problems is that it takes lots of time to configure reject your invitation to who is going to attend your party. RSVP websites and online tools come with many advantages which will ensure you all the wedding planning and the Pupil attending your party.

Online RSVP sites will smoothly plan your all major works and you can know how many people will attend your party before time.

Advantages of using an online RSVP website

It will save lots of time because the guest will easily respond to an RSVP card with a “yes” or “no” word. There could be yes or no buttons that could be easily pressed to send respond to host.

Comparing with old fashion to send envelope it will save money because everything will be online and you just need an account to send RSVP to anyone. Top Free Online Wedding RSVP Websites

Here are some of the free online RSVP websites that are frequently used for weddings and other events.


anRSVP.com is one of the most popular websites because it is frequently used by many people to send RSVP invitations. This website is easy to use with amazing customizable response pages.

  1. mywedding.com

mywedding.com is one of the easiest and with features rich website which will allow you to personalize a wedding invitation. mywedding.com is currently using by thousands of people because it is easy to use RSVP online features on one website.

This website will a better way to plan any wedding event.

  1. RSVPmenow.com

RSVPmenow.com is one of the awesome website and if free online RSVP service. This website will surprise you with a bunch of Amazing useful features.

It includes many options such as certain food required, invited peoples, send reminders in many other amazing features that are frequently used in the online RSVP website. This amazing website has customizable RSVP forms with the options together with many details from your guest.

RSVPmenow.com has also the directions in a reminder for the wedding location using Google Maps.

  1. theknot.com

theknot.com is one of the websites which will make your wedding planning easier. It will give you a wide range of amazing planning tools and features.

http://theknot.com/ website has many amazing features such as:

  • True wedding vision
  • Free customizable wedding website
  • Wedding planning and budgeting
  • 24 hours wedding planning with checklist feature
  • It will track everything for you such as addresses, RSVP, and thank you notes.


One of the most important and amazing features of weddingwire.com is that you can easily customize your wedding invitation card. From this amazing website, you can track your guest information and you can easily know who is going to attend your party.

  1. RSVPify.com

RSVPify.com amazing online RSVP wedding website. It has amazing features to set up RSVP invitation on your website and also you can ask your guest to visit  RSVPify.com profile. You can easily embed RSVP invitation on your website with personal details on it.

  1. free-rsvp.com

free-rsvp.com if another amazing free RSVP wedding website which is giving unlimited services. With amazing regular update features, you can track response, calculate guest and their info to make an event smooth and easy.



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