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Portable Document Format PDF Full Form

PDF full form is a portable document format. It is a file format that contains all the digital assets such as image, text, and links to other files and folders. PDF takes all the elements in an electronic image or images that can be easily printed out through any kind of software.

Any PDF file can be easily printed and navigate through an entire PDF file because they contain one or many pages that can be easily scrolled and zoom in. PDF files can store any of the original graphics experience which can easily zoom in or out on any page.

Who Invented  PDF?

PDF is one of the amazing paperless Office project designed and invented by John Warnock of Adobe founder. It is one of the coolest projects to design a portable file that can contain all the necessary elements in a document file. Adobe which is famous for creative software making such as Digital Marketing software and many other designing tools.

What is PDF used for?

PDF is used for reading only documents that contain text, images and also links. It can be easily created through any Browser which can easily preserve the layout of a page.

They are used in different industries to store read-only documents such as software and user manuals, eBooks, survey forms and also any of the scanned documents.

What are the Benefits of using PDF?

  • PDF files provide you portability and mobility because these files can be used anywhere without the need of any software or any operating system.
  • They can preserve all the necessary elements such as graphics, text, links and also images in real view.
  • PDF files are easily transferable through the internet because they are highly secure able and also can give users the level of access.
  • They can be easily compressed all of your data into one file which can be easily share with anyone faster on the internet.
  • PDF files can be easily created through different software such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome browser and many other software that support creating PDF files.

PDF 0.1

In 1991 it was first technology e introduced by Adobe which letters on got success to make PDF with postscript and platform-independent technology.

The first version of PDF supports a few fonts, bookmarks, internal links, and RGB color features.


How is a PDF created?

A PDF can be created different applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and any Browser, etc.

How to create a PDF file from adobe acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat file can be easily converted into PDF through the following steps:

  1. Open adobe acrobat file and click on tools option from the main menu and then click on create PDF.

Tools > Create PDF.

  1. After that, you can easily create a PDF file through multiple choice of files creation such as single on multiple files in PDF.
  2. Depend on the file type your next step is to click on ‘Create’ on ‘Next’ option to make a PDF.
  3. After the steps, you can easily convert any PDF and it saves it to any desired location on your computer.

Convert MS Word to PDF file

Microsoft Word is one of the useful software application design by Adobe. A PDF file can be easily created through a Microsoft Word file.

Open any Microsoft Word file. and then click on File > Save As > Select document Type > select PDF and then you can easily save your Microsoft Word file into PDF file. A similar step is also used to create and convert PowerPoint to PDF and also convert Excel to PDF file.

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