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ISO full form is the National Organization for standardization. It is an organization that makes standards, purposes, and Technical reports for business to make their products and services safe and reliable. One of the first purposes of ISO is to make any business services safe and good for the public according to ISO standards.

ISO which is working as a worldwide organization makes international standards. It is an organization that is non-profitable and independent of any other organization. ISO headquarter located in Geneva Switzerland where English Russian and French languages are officially spoken.

ISO makes a bridge between public and private sectors and setting up twenty thousand standards till now. It facilitates world trade by providing common standards for everything such as products Technology, Healthcare, and foods.


What is an ISO Certified company?

ISO certified companies are those companies that follow all the standards and policies design by ISO.ISO Certified companies follow the rules and Standards for or all of their production processes and services provided in different countries.


Why ISO is required?

ISO standards make modern life easier by providing customer satisfaction and meet customer requirements for good and better quality products.


There are many reasons to make questions about why so is required?

Here are some of these important factors that make ISO more important to required by any of the businesses in the world. Improve business efficiency e bi managing resources enhance the functional efficiency of an organization. It helps an organization to build credibility internationally.


One of the first needs of ISO is that it enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements on different products. It also improves the market of any business true ISO certification.


What does ISO 9000 mean? 

ISO 9000 is a series of developed standards that maintain effective and quality assurance of any business and service industries. An organization can be ISO 9000 standard certified then it follows all the ISO 9000 standards. Today there are over 150 countries with approximately 350,000 ISO Certified organizations under IOS 9000.


How Much Does ISO Certification Cost?

Businesses from all over the world can get ISO certification indifferent costs. ISO accelerator is happened guide to save money during applying for ISO certification. Any business can easily e save lots of money e for applying iSO certification.

ISO certifications are provided into One, Two, and Three standard certifications also with the different costs for each certification.

Here is the list of certification cost

One Standard 

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Cost £695.00

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

Cost £695.00

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

Cost £895.00

Two Standards 

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

Cost £1,295.00

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

Cost £1,295.00

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

Cost £1,295.00

Three Standards 

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

Cost £1,695.00

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

Cost £1,695.00

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

Cost £1,695.00


Who gives ISO certification?

Many people ask the question of who gives ISO certification? or who is eligible to grant ISO 9001 certification? Only register certification body (CB) of the organization who has the authority to give ISO certification and also they recognized as ISO/IEC 17021:2015 certified. All the registrars who grant ISO certifications are the members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

CB or certification bodies are those organizations that manage all the certifications providing audit and get requirements from the organization who is going to be certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.

All the Registrars or CB’s independent of ISO and the certifications of different standards and also they are the members of IAF.

If you are going to get certifications in any ISO standards then you must be sure that register who is giving you certification in ISO standards is the official member of IAF.

How to know that my ISO certification is real?

All official ISO certifications have two types of logos on it.ANAB and the IAF logos must be posted on ISO certification to become official ISO 9001 certified.

Is ISO certification is compulsory?

ISO certification has many benefits and advantages for a business to improve the system and boost credibility. But a company or an industry doesn’t need to have an ISO certification. It can be required by contractually or through law enforcement in a country.

Here are some of the benefits for a business having ISO standard certifications.

  • It solved problems can identify money and time-saving factors
  • It boosts credibility, system performance, and also business efficiencies.
  • For tendering, contracts ISO certification could be more competitive and helpful in business

How many types of ISO are there?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the largest publisher of standards that are more critical for a business that’s worked under the law in any Country.

ISO is working in more than 162 countries and 788 certified bodies who provide ISO certifications under IAF. Tell now ISO also has published more than 21,584 standards in which there are 10 important ISO standards for every business.

Here are the top 10 are you so standards that are more common for certified ISO businesses.

  1. ISO 9000 – Quality Management

ISO 9000 is one of the best ISO certifications which is the quality management certificate. It is one of the highly demanded certifications and also one of the best-known standards.

It improves quality and ensures that the company is providing services under ISO certification and they are safe to use.

It is one of the common certifications acquired by 1 million all around the world.

  1. ISO / IEC 27000 – Information Security Management Systems

ISO / IEC 27000 is one of the highly recombinant ISO certifications on how to preserve information and Security Management systems for certified businesses.

This type of certificate ensures that the company employee data and other assets such as intellectual properties are in safe hand.

For Example:

Google Chrome, G Suite, Google Wallet, and Google Cloud are all certified as ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.


  1. ISO 14000 – Environmental Management

ISO 14000 is related to the management of environmental responsibilities by any ISO 14000 certified company emphasis on environmental systems.

It is also one of the highest ISO certificate issued more than 300,000 times in different countries.

  1. ISO 31000: 2018 – Risk Management

ISO 31000 related to business risk management and provide the best framework for managing risk in any organization. It has a direct impact on economic performance alliance with other organizations and also affects many other factors such as environmental outcomes, external audit programs, etc.

Other ISO standards are more important for a successful business. These standards are:

  1. ISO 50001: 2018 – Energy Management
  2. ISO 26000: 2010 – Social Responsibility
  3. ISO 28000: 2007 – Specifications for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain
  4. ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems
  5. ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety
  6. ISO 22000 – Food Management Systems


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