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Full form of URL

URL full form is a uniform resource locator. Internet URL specifies any web page of file on the internet that can be visited by any internet user. It is also called a web address that contains several important information about the URL. On the internet, all the web pages differentiate with URL and they call by any of the internet users in the form of a web page. It is one of the biggest resources over the World Wide Web contain Global addresses of millions of documents.


What are the parts of a URL?


URL is divided into two important aspects such as protocol and IP address which also called to a domain name of a document over the internet.


Both parts are divided into the colon (:) and forward-slash (/).


What is the URL example?


https://www.technewsdigit.com/ is a web address of our blog which contains two parts first part is the protocol which also called HTTP protocol. HTTP protocol performs the responsibility to send the request to a web server and get back the request to the client.


The second part of the URL is the domain name and also with domain extension which indicates that where the web page is located on the internet.


One of the most important questions is how do I create a URL? As most of the URL is created on the internet by creating different websites by purchasing domain names. Although there is a Google URL site that will let you create a Google URL within some seconds.


You can easily create a Google URL shortener site with the help of goo.gl.


What important information URL contain?


A URL contains some of the most important information about a resource on the internet. Saint information are: One of the first important information is a schema or protocol which is responsible for taking the information from the internet to the web browser. This type of protocol could be HTTP, FTP or any other protocol.


Some symbols such as columns and slashes are also used to make the difference between protocol and domain name. Another important information or domain names which are actually by the owner of websites. This domain names are also called as IP addresses.




Protocol: http

Host or domain: facebook.com

Path of the resource: /MeetNoumanSeo

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