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Corona virus Clear picture about life risk

The Coronavirus is very dangerous
what is the real risk?
let me give you a clear picture of what will happen next please read the post carefully. In Italy, a severe attack of coronavirus. Today the death toll in Italy is higher than that of China. Now, there are no vehicles to raise the dead, so the soldiers are being buried in trucks without any baths and the last rituals, there is a death from Corona every ten minutes in Iran. He is begging all over the world to buy medicines that simply remove the restrictions. Now come to Pakistan where the whole nation is watching this game, some are screaming why all this has been closed and some cities are inviting the joy of closing.
Let me tell you what is the real danger? The real danger is that when the disease worsens, there is no alternative to the ventilator and the absence of a ventilator means death.


According to the available data, the total ventilators in the whole country are not more than two and a half thousand.
You must have heard this number for the first time, so let’s go a little deeper. There is a total of 1700 hundred ventilators in Punjab, government and non-government, totaling 49 in Balochistan, 150 in KPK. ۔ In a big city like Karachi, where there are thousands of private hospitals, the total number of ventilators is 175. Now if the epidemic is spreading, which is spreading, by nightfall the number of patients had reached close to five hundred. So a good number of them will require ventilators. These two and a half thousand ventilators are insufficient to meet the needs of the elite of this country unless it is available to the common man. So close schools, close college universities and close markets. Still, if the people have not taken seriously, then I think the establishment should enforce the emergency and impose the entire Pakistan curfew. Why the establishment has not been on the steps of the government, because the government is in the hands of fools who say they will recover from the panadol. They might save us when doctors and scientists from all over the world are looking for a cure and our government is waiting for heat. There are one hundred and sixty-five thousand ventilators in America and he is shaking with fear. India, which is far ahead of us, has been imposing a curfew since Sunday. Australia has closed its entry into the country today. Superpowers of technology such as China have achieved victory in this war only by the following lockdown. South Korea has saved itself by locking down.

Coronavirus disease
Coronavirus disease

It is known that economic loss will be very severe. Here the employer is brutal. The shopkeeper will not pay his employee unpaid work. The stove of the day laborer has been closed for two days.
But if they don’t, then the other side of the picture is terrible, just remember the stroke, it was just a city in Karachi, in four days the insect was neither shroud nor buried, filled with dead bodies. The JDC tent was laid on the exhibit Chorangi.
This is not all a joke, this world is not crazy which is messing up your business, you trust Allah but after making your arrangements … This time not to make memes on Facebook is to become a nation to deal with this crisis. It is a pandemic, it is a World War III emergency, understand it and the entire nation should show seriousness by keeping its cynicism aside.
If you do not sit in the house yourself, the army will put you in the house by roaming. If you want to trust Allah in the case of pestilence then do so in the matter of provision.
There will certainly be a shortage, malnutrition is the biggest threat right now. In such situations, we have to think that we have to be careful about food, prevent waste. Turn off spare invitations, if you cannot go out, it does not mean to ask for food from the delivery boy. The food crisis is another major challenge right now After the ventilator – Remember that the government alone cannot deal with this matter. You, I have to stand with us all together.
May Allah protect our homeland from this outbreak and keep us all in safety

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